Debutants Day 1- Youth Talk.

Written By:- Prapti Shetty. Posted on:- July 18th, 2019.

The Studio- an initiative by the BMM Department Of S.M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce and Management Studies, Powai organised Youth Talk on July 16th, 2019. Youth Talk is a panel discussion that is organised by the students of the mass media department every year. This intiative was taken in order to give students a platform to voice their opinions and enhance their public speaking skills. This year, its inauguration was held on the first day of Debutants’ week 2019.

The anchor, Mujeeba Memon of TYBMM (Journalism) introduced the Principal, Vice Principal and the guests to the audience who were a mixed crowd of the multiple departments in our college. The guests and judges for the event were Abhishek Pandey and Rasika DeshPandey who, are also the alumni of our college.

The Studio President, Natasha Pawar, had presented a short prsentation on the previous events that were successfully conducted by The Studio in the year 2018-19. These events included Youth Talks, Debutants’, BMM Film Fests, Experimental Marketing, Exam Ready workshop, Pathwise and Kaarva.

The youth talk panelists were a mix of students from 3 different departments, BMM, BMS and BScIT. The moderator of the panel was Animesh Srivastava (TYBMM) and the Topic for the first Youth Talk of the year was ‘Kabir Singh- Creativity and Society’. The discussion started off with the panelists listing out their points, post which they had the chance to counter each other’s views. The audience represented their views as well during the panel discussion. They had the opportunity to ask the panelists their questions as well as counter their views and perspectives.

The winners of the Best Speaker for this Youth Talk are Sharifulla of class SYBScIT and Rashi Shetty of class SYBMM. Maharshi Soni of class TYBMM (advertisement) won the Best Audience Speaker.  

The event concluded with the certificate distribution and words of advice from our beloved guests. The vote of thanks was given by the SY Studio representative Tanaya Haldar. The entire talk was yet again a success and will be added to the list of successful events in the next year’s Youth Talk inauguration.

Interviewer :- Mujeeba Memon (TYBMM Journalism)

Interviewee:- Rasika Deshpande and Abishek Pandey.

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